How to Play the Lottery?

1. What is play2dollar ?
play2dollar is offered to anyone interested in play to online lottery. Player can unsubscribe or change their preferences/contact information at any time by logging into their play2dollar account.

2. How do I register to trade at play2dollar ?
The registration process is very simple. Click on the ‘register buttom on the home page of the website. Then, follow the on screen directions to complete the process. Feel free to contact us at any time for further assistance atsupport@

3. Can you sign up for play2dollar if you are under 18 years of age?
No. All members of play2dollar must be 18 years of age or older.

4. Do I need to live in any perticular country resident in order to register in play2dollar?
No, you can register from anywhere in the world.

5. What return can be expected as winner?
As winner you will get 300% return on your invested amount.

6. What is the draw time?

7. What is the ticket price ?
Per ticket price is $1

8. What is the minimum investment amount?
$1 is the minimum invested amount for per transaction.

9. What is the maxmum investment amount?
$10000 is the maxmum invested amount for per transaction.

10. What currency can I deposit?
Only US Dollar.

11. Where can I view my transactions history?
Complete transaction history can be viewed within the “My Account” section available to registered users

12. What is the minimum initial deposit?
The minimum deposit to start playing is 10 USD.

13. What is the minimum initial deposit?
The minimum withdrawl to start is 10 USD.

14. Do I need to make a deposit in order to register?
No deposit is required in order to play the games.

15. When will i get my winning amount ?
If you won, then the prize amount will be credit into your play2dollar account instantly.

16. How do I make a withdrawal?
Step 1: Enter the amount for withdrawal and then click on the next button, select the withdrawl option & put the amount & click on the withdraw button to complete the process.
After submit the withdrawlrequest yuo will receive the money within 1-2 working days.

17. Is there any withdrawl fees ?
No there are no withdrawl fees for Neteller, Paypal or Skrill But for wire transfer $25 will be charged for each transaction.

18. How will I know that my registration into mylottery has been accepted?
Once you have completed the mylottery registration form and clicked on the submit button, you will be directed to a “Thank you for submitting your registration” web page indicating that an email is on its way to the email address you provided. This email will include a link that must be clicked in order for your information to be accepted and validated in the mylotterydatabase. If you do not click on the link sent in the confirmation email, the registration process will not be completed and you will not be able to log into your mylottery account.

19. I didn’t receive an email with a link to confirm mylottery registration.
If you did not receive an email it may mean you mistyped your email address in which case you may need to re-submit your registration form.

20. What if I forgot my password?
Just click on the ‘forgot my password’ link and you will be emailed a new link to page where you can reset your account with a new password.